Artists about their studio: Eva Lynen

What does your studio mean to you? We asked illustrator and painter Eva Lynen. 

For me, my studio is first and foremost my workplace, but at the same time it is a space where I can try out new materials or think up projects. In addition, it is also simply my living room that also assumes the role of showroom when buyers come to visit.

What makes my studio so unique is the light and space in itself, there is a lot of room. The previous tenants used it as a photography studio so there is also a studio wall provided.

Which corner of your studio do you spend the most time in?
The studio is very modular. So I can often move stuff around, so I can work bigger, for example. You will find me there most often at my work table or easel.

Why are you participating in Atelier in beeld?
I have long been toying with the idea of opening the doors of my studio. The question often comes up, but often my studio looks like a bomb has just exploded. With Atelier in beeld, I am only too happy to take the opportunity to tidy up my studio for visitors. Meeting new people that way is always fun.

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