We regret to say that early May is too uncertain a time to plan a major event like Atelier in Beeld. Safety comes first, and we want to do everything we can to find a way out of this COVID-19 crisis together.

With Atelier in Beeld we try to convince as many people as possible to visit studios. We want a wide audience to discover how many visual artists are at work, in just as many different kinds of studios. This diversity – which we love – unfortunately makes it a complex project to navigate during a pandemic. A lot of participating artists have studios in their own homes, in small spaces, or work in studios of part-time art education or care institutions. In quite a few of these locations, we can’t ensure a safe flow of (many) visitors next May.

However! We are not letting go of the goal of Atelier in Beeld just like that. From 26 April to 9 May, we are highlighting every participating studio. Because even during a pandemic, visual artists are still at work. And there are many of them!

With posters, online coverage and media attention we are going to spread that message from 26 April to 9 May.

We’re already eagerly looking forward to a COVID-19 safe version of Atelier in Beeld. And then next year to make it a wonderful real first edition.

With a hopeful look to the future,

The team of Atelier in Beeld

Why not have the open studio weekend outside?
With Atelier in Beeld we want to focus on the place where the work is created: the studio. During this first edition we want to set the tone for an annual tradition. With an exhibition in the garden or in the hallway, it is impossible for a visitor to absorb the atmosphere of a studio. Plus, not every participant has a suitable outdoor location.

Why not postpone Atelier in Beeld?
Right now it is still very uncertain when a major event all over Flanders and Brussels will be able to take place. We would rather bet on a next edition, instead of perhaps having to postpone the event several times. Besides, Atelier in Beeld will be an annual event in May, so we want to leave enough time between two editions.

Why not wait until April to make this decision?
A lot of large studios have to make great efforts to ensure it is COVID-19 proof for visitors. Many people at the local cultural department are eager to start promoting the participating studios from their city. We need to invest in printing posters, developing a website and a major media campaign. And you too might want to start preparing already. It would be a shame if all these efforts in the end turned out to be in vain.