Get to know Antwerpen with Hosanna

1,400 studios? That involves some pressure of making choices. To take down that peculiar stress a little, you can check out the nearest artistic spots in your area using the map on our homepage. But would you like to get started by looking at some highlights near Antwerp? Then Hosanna, the contemporary stained-glass studio where Wannes and Johanna put their hearts and souls, takes you on a tour along some group studios in Antwerp.

About Hosanna

Hassana was born from Johanna's love of stained glass and Wannes' critical eye for all things clean. 
Wannes provides the fresh designs. Johanna creates, recycles or restores. Together they try to give a centuries-old craft a contemporary look and breathe new life into the glass craft. 
Johanna: "Other shared studios in the area are the hotspots for creativity and new ingenious collaborations and ideas. It's great that there are three other similar collectives in the (very) near environment. This also shows that the need for studio spaces in the city is very high!



Johanna: "Like SPIL, the shared space where we have our studio, Apollo150 is open to the general public for the first time during Atelier in beeld. I don't know the creative occupants (yet), but that makes me even more eager to have a look and be surprised."


Atelier DOP

Johanna: "Atelier DOP is a co-working space in the heart of Borgerhout, with 13 diverse artists. In this space, looking over the shoulder of graphic designer Jens Dawn is definitely recommended."


VAK Groepsatelier

Johanna: "In the same studio in Appelstraat, you will also find the makerspace of VAK, where you can find bio-artist Matthijs De Block, among others."

Tip 4

Van Lissum

Johanna: "Van Lissum is a very special peaceful oasis where you would not immediately expect it. Take a look, for example, at the hyper-realist work of Lander Daniëls, the unusual Mexican-tinged work of Juan Manuel Osorio Peza or the abstract, marble-like paintings of Anneke Govaerts."