Six studios with a universe of their own

Are you ready to explore, but looking for some inspiration? We are happy to help you get started. To these six studios, for example, where eye-catching work is made. Get wrapped up in ancient weaving techniques and coloured masks, light shows and complex constructions. These six studios will immerse you in a unique universe.


Shen Özdemir

Enter Shen's colourful studio. This Belgian-Turkish artist's work revolves around an imaginary carnival, which she created because she could not relate to the folk festivals of her two countries. Her characters draw you into a generous and vivid universe.


Jorden Boulet

Paradise beckons in Jorden Boulet's studio. He is fascinated by the visual culture of (cliché) images like white beaches and sunsets, which evoke an idyllic atmosphere. His work is full of contradictions: beautiful dream images with sometimes melancholic connotations and an extreme use of colour.


Jan Detavernier

Enthralled by the wondrous laws of nature, Jan Detavernier builds his own designs. He explores the formal language of nature, its organic structures with geometric and mathematical patterns. This fascination for the ways in which everything clicks together, seeks solidity and is repeated can be felt in all his creations.


Min Spillemaeckers

Min aims to keep ancient braiding, weaving, binding and knotting techniques alive with her three-dimensional work. In this studio, the daily rush stays outside. Her work connects Min to the wabi sabi philosophy: dwelling on the passing of things. Not everything has to be useful and meaningful; sometimes the act itself is enough.


Noor von Winckelmann

Try to catch the light in Noor Von Winckelmann's studio. She is inspired by light reflections, refractions and shadows and tries to capture their beauty in her graphic work.


Bjorn Van Houtte

Take a journey through time with Bjorn's glass art. He draws his inspiration mainly from art styles such as Bauhaus and Memphis and is fascinated by design of the 50s, 60s and 70s.