Walk through Brussels with Mimi Kunz

1,400 studios? That involves some pressure of making choices. To take down that peculiar stress a little, you can check out the nearest artistic spots in your area using the map on our homepage. But would you like to get started by looking at some highlights near Brussels? Then Mimi Kunz is your guide on call!

About Mimi Kunz

Mimi Kunz is a visual artist and poet who explores the body as our mother tongue and movement as a universal expression of liveliness.

She moved to Brussels in 2015 and discovered the city by walking. It inspired her to paint the silhouettes of pedestrians. One morning, on the way to her studio, she was struck by the lightness of leaves dancing on the branch of a tree in Parc Leopold. From their shapes she abstracted her characteristic sapphire blue Dancer paintings.

(c) Mimi Kunz
(c) Mimi Kunz
(c) Mimi Kunz

KULT XL Ateliers - Camille Dufour

Mimi: "I'm very curious about the works of Camille Dufour  (KULT XL Ateliers - Herfststraat / Camille Dufour & Rafaël Klepfisch) and would love to see them in real and to discover their studio space. Camille's work is both highly sensual and political. She finds physical forms to handle themes like war, information overload, ecological consciousness, and helps us to grasp, process and interact with painful truths through performances. Time & action seem to be a key couple in her work, both in its content and its visual character."  


Saskia Shutt

Mimi: “Saskia Shutt says she is "like a kid in a candy shop" when going to the stone supplier. I love that description and think it's a wonderful way to describe her excitement and love for the material she works with as a goldsmith and jewellery maker. Conscious of the mining realities she focusses on re-shaping existing material and uses fair-trade sources. She takes her inspiration from architecture and the material itself. Capturing big themes in small scales, she makes us see a ring or piece of jewellery as an artwork as well as as a carrier of stories and incarnation of memories and love.”  


Camille Truyffaut

Mimi: "I am intrigued by the works of Camille Truyffaut. They are almost-objects, painted atmospheres, physical incarnations of ephemeral states. "Art is about making the things around us visible", she says and draws our attention to the skins of things. Her works are seductive like candy, calm and marvellous like a sunrise or spring air. She combines and layers materials (paper, glass, textiles) and media (etching, sculpture, installation, painting, porcelain) creating an environment that lets us breathe and fully focus on the physical presence of colours, textures, the here and the now."