Walk through Leefdaal with Hans Geyens

Pick and choose from more than 1,400 studios? That can already cause some choice stress. To get rid of it, you can use the map on our homepage to look out for the nearest artistic places in your area. But would you like to be guided through some highlights in the neighbourhood of Leefdaal? Then meet Hans Geyens, your guide on duty!

About Hans Geyens

Hans: "My work is about the mechanisms of communication. About finding the best form to represent an idea. About dynamics between idea, form and place. About who was first. About trying to surprise myself. About looking for some kind of unexpected aesthetic. About using mediums and materials that are not always obvious. About language. About making links. About making associations. About looking. About collecting. About just enough. About just too much. I'm not bored."

'The return', lakverf op plexi golfplaat
'The return', lakverf op plexi golfplaat
'Iemand?', poster
'Iemand?', poster
'Must pick up', muurschildering
'Must pick up', muurschildering
Tip 1

Atelier 106

Hans: "To shape favourite studios into a route, I would start at 'atelier 106´ in Leuven, which I joined last year and where some very diverse and interesting artists are gathered. Over the weekend you can visit the studios of Bisser, Sven Smets, Staf Roels and Jo Foulon. Glass art, installation art, drawing art and painting alternate."

tip 2

Luc Huysman

Hans: "After 'atelier 106' in Leuven, I would move to Luc Huysman's studio in Heverlee. It's a beautiful and somewhat hidden studio with very subtle work."

About Luc
He makes prints, drawings and paintings of landscapes and industrial areas. These subjects are supposed to evoke a specific atmosphere and experience. To this end, he strips his images of any typical place characteristics and leaves them empty, as it were.

tip 3

Pascale Van Eycken

Hans: "Having visited Luc Huysman, it's easy to head towards Pascale Van Eycken in Bertem. Pascale has apparently renovated her studio, which makes me a bit curious. Besides, always cool to see her work in real life."

About Pascale
Collages are often the starting point of her paintings. In doing so, she isolates elements and then purifies them into new elementary forms and structures. She likes to experiment with printing techniques such as monotype, etching and woodblock printing. A constant evolution and search for new techniques creates a crossover between past and present. The possibilities are endless and the end result is often unexpected.

tip 4

Bert Koeck

Hans: "From Bertem to my place in Leefdaal is a logical progression so just do it. 😊 From there you can head towards Kortenberg/Erps Kwerps where Bert Koeck's studio, among others, can be found."

About Bert
Each time, his body of work is about a quest for uncompromising design. He misuses (his own words) existing techniques as well as completely new ones. He developed new image-capture tools (so called tool builder) that are applied simultaneously or alternately mixed media-wise."

preparing a controlled apocalypse
tip 5

Johan Heiszwolf

Hans: “Instead of going to Kortenberg/Erps Kwerps, you can also pick Overijse, where Johan Heiszwolf's studio can be found. Two different directions to two different art practices. Or you can combine it of course!"

About JohanIn his studio, cerebral ideas are brought to life. There, they create small, funny machines powered by hand. Standing still, they are already quite nice to see but in motion they are absolutely fantastic. It's mechanical art!"

Hans: "And from there you are ready to explore further."