Walk through Lommel with Elsa van den Hoogen

1,400 studios? That involves some pressure of making choices. To take down that peculiar stress a little, you can check out the nearest artistic spots in your area using the map on our homepage. But would you like to get started by looking at some highlights in Lommel? Then have a look at this route by Elsa van den Hoogen!

About Elsa Van den Hoogen

Elsa: "I regularly use various printing techniques such as wood printing, screen printing, blind embossing, monotype and etching interchangeably. During Atelier in Beeld, I will demonstrate some of these printing techniques and raffle off a piece of art, a monotype, among the visitors. Weather permitting, you can have a cup of coffee or a drink on our terrace and chat with other art-loving visitors."

Elsa: "I am a member of Kunstkring Kosmos in Lommel, with which we organise the art route ArtExpo every two years. This will unfortunately not take place this year because too few locations are participating. At the annual meeting, the proposal to join Atelier in beeld was approved. And see! Throughout Lommel you will discover studios around sculpture and glass art, around painting and ceramics, but also around installation art, digital art and graphics. There is also one member of Kunstkring Kosmos, Ger Beemsterboer, who can be found just across the Dutch border."

Tip 1

Anna Legenka

Anna: "Through media, installations, videos, paintings and digital art, I try to find my own identity. Thus, in my work, I explore myself as a human being, a person and a woman as part of society and the universe."

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tip 2

Dieter Prössler

Dieter: "My sculptures are made from waste materials. I give these a new dimension. My paintings are mostly magical realistic. More than 65 years after my first exhibition, I open the doors of my studio once more."

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Linda Roskams

Linda: "Natural colour shades and structures of rocks are the inspiration for my ceramic work. To create more fragile works, I use flax porcelain. My timeless jewels, which I also manufacture in my studio, are sober and minimalist. I always work by instinct without predefined results. Together with my husband Jozef Beyls, I share a studio."

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Jozef Beyls

Jozef: "After studying electronics, I followed analogue photography at KASK in Ghent. After studying electronics, I followed analogue photography at KASK in Ghent. Later in life, I followed Ceramics in Oudenaarde and in Mol. An austere form really appeals to me. I collect the basic raw materials for my natural glazes on the Normandy and Breton coasts and in nature."

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tip 5

Gerda Schroeten

Gerda: "After training in painting, I took up glass art. The art form still captivates me to this day."

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tip 6

Claudia Kuyken

Claudia: "Glass art is a passion. I create unique, one-off pieces which challenges me to design and create new glass artworks every time."

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tip 7

Hieronymus Reijniers

Hieronymus: "I once started as a wood carver-sculptor, but in sculpting and ornament cutting I sought and found the greater challenge. My works are realistic, sometimes with a touch of mysticism, and have to do with the human body all the time."

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Tip 8

Ger Beemsterboer

Ger: "In addition to my wood sculptures, I prefer to paint with acrylic paints, in which I like a colourite palette in a very diverse style. The rural area around my hometown Valkenswaard, just across the Belgian border, is my main source of inspiration."

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