Walk through Ostend with Jakob Van den Broucke

1,400 studios? That involves some pressure of making choices. To take down that peculiar stress a little, you can check out the nearest artistic spots in your area using the map on our homepage. But would you like to get started by looking at some highlights near Ostend? Then Jakob Van den Broucke, just new in Ostend, is your guide on call!

About Jakob Van den Broucke

Jakob Van den Broucke is an Ostend-based visual artist who often works collaboratively and sometimes alone. His practice is characterised by inversions, stacks, cut-outs, eliminations and unlocked in the form of A4s, photographs, objects, actions, installations and texts. 
Jakob: "My studio consists of three spaces and since I moved in, I have reserved one space as a display area. I run this under the name RE-ORGANISATION. Through re-organisational interventions, I try to connect information and insights, give things a place, implement 'multi-layering', tidy up and elaborate. This project grew out of my constant search for information and dealing with the inevitability of owning material things. During Atelier in beeld, I will show an evolved version of the project. Recently, I added an archival compost heap to this process."



Art Gallery Ulenspiegel - André Sorel

Jakob: " Since 2000, André Sorel has established a gallery and studio space a stone's throw from the beach. Whenever I pass by, I always take a look inside where he is usually drawing or painting. The man has been working for more than 60 years and this is clearly visible in his packed workspace. His oeuvre is characterised by black and white surfaces combined with surrealistic scenes. In the images, he often uses city and seascapes as a backdrop for his imaginative spins and motifs. His way of making daily work with the door open, somewhere between private and in public, does fascinate me."

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Dirk Joanes Verledens

Jakob: "In the description on his Atelier in beeld page, Dirk Joanes Verledens writes the following: "After 50 years of drawing, I still haven't figured out how homeless my work is. Walking on the drawings gives you a different perception. The question is whether this is anti-art? Or a theatrical disorder?" After reading these mysterious words, I would like to get to know the man and his work. The description of his practice constitutes a good work of art in itself."


Kunst met een T

Jakob: "I make more DT errors than I would like to, and sometimes I wonder why it is 'art' instead of 'ard'? Kunst met een T leaves no doubt about that with their self-titled studio. It is a collaborative working space where participants with or without a mental vulnerability can find a place. In projects, I often collaborate with other artists, but the final act of making things often happens all by myself in my studio. Working on something together around a table like this is new to me. I am curious to see what it's like among them."