A place where music and creativity merge

There isn't a more fascinating and magical place than an art studio. It is here that artists create new ideas, make sketches and experiment with new techniques. Let's take a look in the universe of Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurðardóttir.

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"I listen to music, absorb the presence of my studio, put up a new canvas, make drawings, drink coffee or tea with a little chocolate… Absolutely perfect!"

Did you ever find the need to switch your studio or find a completely new one? What was the reason for this?

I haven’t found it necessary to swap my studio with a new one. I’ve had good studios both in Antwerpen and Reykjavík. My dream on the other hand is to own a big studio with a high ceiling.

During which time of the day are you more likely to be present in your studio?

I’m in my studio every morning after dropping my son off at school and I stay there until I pick him up in the evening. During the weekends I spend time with my family.

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Do you invite people into your studio? Do you allow visitors?

Yes, I love to have coffee and talk about various subjects. Although I must say, I don’t really like to have people in my studio while I’m in the process of starting something new. It’s a sensitive phase where I don’t even know what’s appearing as a new subject.

How do you create an inspirational environment in your studio?

I start by putting things aside to make more space. I love the feeling of everything being possible while I’m alone in my studio. I listen to music, absorb the presence of the space, put up a new canvas, make drawings, drink coffee or tea with a little chocolate… Absolutely perfect!

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Is it silent in your studio?

Not often, I usually listen to music or read books. Though I appreciate the silence when I really feel like I need some time to think.

What is currently hanging on the walls in your studio?

There isn’t much on the walls right now. I currently have an exhibition in Reykjavík, so my most recent works are over there. That means that I’m back at the beginning of my process.

Are there elements that you would like to change in your studio?

I would definitely like to have more shelves or structure to put aside works and materials.

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