Anton Kusters

Over de kunstenaar

Anton Kusters (Belgium, 1974) focuses on the human condition, exploring interconnections between generations, history, decay and the loss of experience of place.

His works and installations often present themselves as alternate, fragmented narratives through complex themes such as solace, hope and doubt. He draws upon events, biographies and objects from within his own family, connecting them to larger political and social histories and present day digital data, questioning our raison d’être.

Using conceptual and minimalist representation, he pushes for an impermanence of medium to address concepts of witnessing, experience, memory and understanding.

Ontdek de gebruikte technieken

Two Hundred and Sixty-nine Steps, Looking up - Anton Kusters (installation view, 2021)
The Blue Skies Project - Anton Kusters (Installation view in Fitzrovia Chapel, London, 2019 - curated by Monica Allende)
There is Nothing here - Anton Kusters (installation view, 2021)
Vessel Nº1 (installation view, 2021)
Zero IV (2021)

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7 mei
11.00 - 17.00
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