Jitka Juřenčáková

Individueel atelier
Start atelier in our atelier-playground-apartment ..here are created drawings, clothes, barefoot shoes ..etc.

Over de kunstenaar

As a child I was always creative. Art, fashion and history are a part of my life and my personality.

I grew up in a magical protected landscape area of White Carpathians, on the border between Czech and Slovak Republic, in a place where wild animals go to graze you in front of the house, where in the darkness of the night you can touch the stars with a little bit of imagination, where in the morning in the air you can smell dewy grass, clay and herbs.

The landscape of my childhood and my home, together with traditions, have brought variety to my work. The roots go deep here and even the darkest days will not affect that color.
After my fashion design studies in Czech Republic, I started with 3D design and later with art education and drama. I used to teach small kids and also teachers from kindergartens... After moving to Belgium I stopped for some time with all of this.
But now my creativity is coming back.

I would love to invite you in my/our (because I share this nice space with my small son Yves) atelier- playground- apartment,
where I and my son are enjoying our fun, art and the smell of Moravian kitchen!

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