Maïté Vanpoucke


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The ambiguity is central to Maïté Vanpoucke's practice. She is looking for a coming together between the different art disciplines.
She captures this search in the relationship between her sculptures, furniture, paintings, sketches, and digital drawings. She creates a tense field of
recognizable elements and texts combined with abstraction. In this abstraction, she works with very pronounced vibrating colors. A clear interplay of lines is central to this. She refers to her lines as 'structured chaos'.

The structured lines were created by her chronic migraines. The obsessive placement and repetition of lines create a calming effect. Her works are representations of her migraines and emotions. The texts have a very strong link with the graffiti world.
Vanpoucke sees this as a way of communicating/writing. But this writing is not always done in a literal way, the layering of the texts and lines makes it not always readable/recognizable.

She creates tension by making the viewer search for the recognizable/
The sculptures and paintings create a new environment within the existing world. This is provided by integrating furniture.
The works can be seen as sculptures or used as furniture.

Beeldhouwkunst Design Kalligrafie Keramiek Schilderkunst Streetart
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