Nikolaj Jessen

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“While you will read this text I ask you not to understand anything but rather try to re-emerge and consider that perhaps there isn’t any truth behind my words, but you are allowed to dwell in whatever universe you can imagine. You can read as if you did not know anything or read as if you know everything but try to let go of logic because logic isn’t always the correct answer. Sometimes feelings give a better answer. To warn you, the text is accumulated by thought patterns and a tangent of unresolved abstractions, but that is the reality. Reality is complicated and abstract. If you get lost, take a break and redirect. I will do my best to direct you through a dream, a perception of space without a final aggregation. It can become a journey where we can act and create together, but it can also be full of nonsense. Here in this text, dreams and visions are allowed as a valid source of information. Equally are your dreams and visions.”

– a part of the text from Master project series Notes of Heaven, p. 10-11, 2022

I like to imagine fictional characters and universes because it gives me the opportunity to have an illusional image of others and different futures. Within a space, I build a world of personal reflection, in a rather dark, but rich and beautiful one. My artistic research is deeply influenced by personal experience and encounters, from the world we live in. Other times I try to build a fictive world, to pull the viewer out of linear thoughts and stepping into my alternative reality, a world of fiction. I work with sculptures, video, and text. I have a critical awareness of the constraints of conservative culture: it speaks of my urge to go against what is normal in society. All these different practices I use to tell about my contemporary self and my surroundings.

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Self portrait 2020

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