Shira Barack

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SB34 is a non-profit association that provides artist studios on fair and affordable terms. SB34 is also managing projects spaces in which artists and art workers are invited to connect and to collaborate on topics such as organization and sociality of artistic production and exchanges.

I enter the studio after long days of shooting in crowded television and film sets, as my love of storytelling led me to work in the media industry since I was 17. I regard it as a sole set where I am the director, creating and operating my sculptures as a muted cast. The spaces I assemble are narrative-conscious and mostly recognizable; a hospital room, a child’s tent, a site of an ancient ritual. Some of them host figurative sculptures as their residents, and some appear as if abandoned or just waiting for their inhabitant performers to return and activate the space. I work in variable scales and use acts of enlargement and diminution to create a choreography of body and sight. I work with various materials: mainly wood, clay, fabric, plaster, wax. Each work summons a different choice of materials, yet they are all connected by sculptural choices or acts that refer to fragility and vulnerability. I push the material to reach its limits, carving until breaking or wounding, thinning till folding or collapsing, or just allowing time to take its course and leave its marks. What motivates me and connects all my works and research interests is the will to form communication based on empathy and identification, that manifests a perpetual fracture. Through sculpture and installation, I ceaselessly try to figure out: is there a way to bridge the gap between my understanding of the world and its understanding by others? And if there is such a way, might it be navigated through the creation of joint experiences based on willingness and empathy?

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