Sylvain Delbecque

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Sylvain Delbecque (Tournai, 1996) is completing a Masters in drawing at the Tournai Academy. It explores the phenomena of perception in connection with physical phenomena, most often natural. His devices question us about our sensitive relationship to matter, about our faculty of observation, about the movement of our body in the space that surrounds it. His process leads him to weave invisible links between the different elements he has been able to observe and collect, and to which are added other sources of inspiration such as the sciences.

“My work stems from moments of wandering and harvesting where I will capture various objects, materials and images drawn from observed phenomena. These vary according to the landscape/place where I am, whether it is natural, rural or urban. Science produces a lot of images thanks to the different observation tools at its disposal. I like how these instruments show, in a completely different way, what surrounds us. I most often explore light phenomena, colors, shapes and surfaces, using all kinds of mediums. The place in which I work is an integral part of this process. I immerse myself in its peculiarities. To then come and put in space - spatialize - the different experiences that I have been able to go through. The interventions that I carry out and the materials used are often simple and “raw”. Leaving a certain space of openness to the proposed experience and involving the body of the observer through its free movement within the installation. In this way, I invite the observer to come and meet the discoveries that I was able to make during my research phase; to meet the trajectory of my own gaze.”

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