Winkler Olaf

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Olaf Winkler studied architecture in Aachen (D) and Vienna (AT). He graduated 1997 in Aachen.
He works as artist, author, architecture critic and guides through buildings and cities; parallel to these he is editor of the online magazine vorbild and was from 2000 to 2012 editor of print magazines polis and build Das Architekten-Magazin.
In his artistic work, early architectural-conceptual approaches explored spatial or more abstract relationships of coexistence through models, texts and sketches. In recent years, next to objects referring to architectural principles, small and large-scale paintings, drawings and collages have come to the fore. The latter combine the genuine exploration of line and colour with the transformation of everyday perceptions and, at times, the integration of found imagery and typography. Concepts such as drawing, line, memory, realism and the re-integration of architectural as well as physical aspects into these works are some of the topics.

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