Arianna Razzano

Over de kunstenaar

My expressive approach to art embraces drawing, painting and fabric handling.
Reason why i do love to convert my lines and colors into embroideries, stitches, quilting and many other techniques
which i can use onto fabrics and most of all "second hand" or "left overs".
Pointing to a more sustainable and yet sellable production is my actual aim, what literaly moves my interest forward.
My studio is my secret room which i love to open to the audience from time to time
to finally reveal in person all the results and ideas.

Ontdek de gebruikte technieken

"crown" wax colors and ink on paper
fairy_ handmade pillow made of recycled fabric and recycled yarns
"minimal portrait" acrylics on paper
bloom_handmade pillow made of recycled fabric and yarn
bob_handmade pillow made of recycled fabric and yarn
portrait on recycled quilt

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7 mei
11.00 - 17.00
Maakt deel uit van: MORPHO
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